Meet Your Coach . . . Janet Strangeways

I was born in the United Kingdom in the middle of World War II, while bombs were dropping close by. My father, a British soldier, died in Japan during that conflict. I arrived in a time of chaos and confusion and learnt to be resilient growing up in a single-parent family.

As one of the working-class students in my medical school, I found that our past does not determine our future. After failing a number of exams, I persevered until I qualified as a medical doctor.

As a Lecturer (adjunct professor), I taught undergraduates and post-graduates at Oxford University. While leading tutorial groups there I observed that, as the students developed confidence, they were able to learn more effectively and make better progress toward their professional and life goals.

As the manager of hospital pathology laboratories merging with those of another hospital, I succeeded in maintaining important work while ensuring that the staff lost during the merger found satisfying new careers.

I became experienced in mediation by playing a key role in averting two strikes: one by hospital staff, the other by prison staff. By getting all sides to communicate in both situations, we were able to establish win-win solutions in both hospital and prison.

While mentoring doctors who were failing exams or interviews, I helped to develop their self-confidence. Colleagues referred to me as the regional go-to-person for bailing them out and most of them were later highly regarded by peers and patients in their medical careers.

As a consultant in communicable disease control for three London boroughs, I had to be calm while dealing with emergencies and reassure the public. This ability to remain calm under pressure gave me the clarity necessary to analyze each situation and take effective action.

In August 1999, I retired from medicine and emigrated to Canada to be with my husband. This called on me to adapt to living in a new country and face up to a loss of status and change in career. Today I enjoy being a life coach, enabling professionals who are getting burnt out to be calm under pressure and get back to enjoying their lives and succeeding in their careers.

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