Go From Burnout to Being Calm Under Pressure

You need to be strong for your family. You can’t fall apart. You can’t admit you’re struggling and don’t know what to do. Most of your energy and concentration is focused on looking as if nothing is bothering you. You know your breaking point and it’s just around the corner.

Having support from someone who has gone through this before changes everything. You can find calm in the storm. You can stay afloat despite the increasing priorities you face.

As a retired physician and currently a life coach, among the many people I’ve helped is Jane. She was on the verge of abandoning her career and her partner was threatening to walk out. In our time together she learned to become resilient in the face of these challenges and regained her sense of purpose and energy.

In our work together, I will:

            * give you a step-by-step action plan to lower your stress level

            * hold you accountable for making positive changes in your life

             * help you create a more balanced and happy life

             * help you align personal values with professional obligations


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"Calm In The Storm"

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